Presumed Asbestos Flooring Demolition. Unlawful Floating Home Demolition. Pier West Marina, Portland OR.

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Canelo Gallery, Inc. 2019, 2nd Qtr Press Release. There is a close network of contractors operating in a manner that is extremely unconscionable. Operating from Jantzen Bay Marina, Island Cove Marina, Tomahawk Island Marina, and Pier West Marina, … Read More

Environmental Corporate Responsibility and Industrial Hygiene. Findings Row 9 Jantzen Bay Marina Portland, Oregon

UPDATE:  $18,000  in FINES & PENALTIES ASSESSED by STATE of OREGON DEQ. On Friday September 28, 2018 the Denali moved from Kappler Marina to Jantzen Bay Marina Portland Oregon.  Row 9 is located on the upriver side of … Read More

FedEx Truck Conversion

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These step vans you see the FedEx guys driving around are like the “Sport SUV’s” of the truck world.  Driving with the doors open is fun.  Best of all I have free parking EVERYWHERE down town Portland!  I think I’m … Read More

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