Canelo; Fashion Designer-Couturier, Musician & Contractor

Early Years

My friends and family know me as Ben. The story of how I became a designer couturier?  That my friends is an interesting read!  I will have to dedicate a page specifically for that.  For those of you who have followed me over the years?  F.Y.I. — There will be a new designer on Rodeo Drive.  Put it to you that way.

From a young age I love creating with my hands. As a Kid that was mainly; destroying, or taking apart stuff to see how things worked.  Enjoyed the late 80’s big hair, Rock & Metal era.  No one would have ever thought I would take in my grandmother’s footsteps to pick up a sewing machine.  From what I’ve been told about her?

She was an amazing seamstress!



Went into the United States Marine Corps right out of High School c/o 97. To say thank you to my dad; U.S.M.C. veteran, Eugene F. Lowes for taking care of us and showing compassion to my mom. Raising two kids as a single mom was not easy.

For those of you that have facebook. You can see more of my works at “Canelo Couture”.  Photo Albums say it all.


I will be; however, merging those images here.  Stay tuned for those updates!


As a designer and dress maker I have been dormant for about 6 years. Gilding in 24k Gold the dress of Quan Am the Lady Bodhisattva in 2018. Marks my first dress of significant meaning since Miss California. A moment shared with my wife’s daughter Veronicka Espinosa. Both very emotional pieces for me.

Rivaled by my Hawaiian pieces created exclusively for Halau Keali’i O’Nalani. Amazing dance group from Gardena, California who dance worldwide. The sun dress pictured here went on to dance at the Merrie Monarch Festival in Hawaii.


Kataleah a Go-Go

From opening Kataleah a Go-Go in LA to keep the music alive! The smile on Kataleah’s little face not even a year old on her turtle. Enjoying a moment on the floor of her own rock venue.

Heavy Metal is the essence of what drives me artistically and when you go through life’s ups and downs? Music is my escape. A few pictures that have survived over the years are from my contemporary Christian rock days. Pictured with band mates from “Original Innocence”.

We played opening up for Sal Solo at Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom water park in Redlands, Ca. My son Ben and I share a moment after playing for an Annual Beach festival in Oceanside, Ca. One of the few pictures I have left of him behind our drum kit during rehearsals. Loved the rec centers on Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton.


On the flip side of christian rock.  My ties to heavy metal have  been a part of me since high school days.  Playing with the group “Widows Oil”  We would get requests to turn the noise up during Judas Priest covers! Weather playing at the barracks, our rooms, at a garage on base housing, clubs or just about anywhere.  Fun times!

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