Environmental Corporate Responsibility and Industrial Hygiene. Findings Row 9 Jantzen Bay Marina Portland, Oregon




On Friday September 28, 2018 the Denali moved from Kappler Marina to Jantzen Bay Marina Portland Oregon.  Row 9 is located on the upriver side of the I-5 bridge.  As I tell my friends and family. If you google Hooter’s on Hayden Island?  The marina is right across the street.   Our arrival was not a welcomed one.  Jantzen Bay Marina is a Columbia Crossings marina.  Offering open slips, covered slips, residential moorage to my neighbors on row 9.

When we arrived we came to a very interesting demolition project.  I have gathered as much photography data as possible.  This derelict boat well and residence has housed an old wooden boat named Princess Irene for years.  Abandoned and well?  The pictures and video footage will show her final days.

The demolition at Row 9 introduced considerable amounts of Lead Paint to the watershed.  We are simply advocating to have better regulation.  There was nothing text book about this project.  Simply unacceptable.

Pictured next to the Denali our asset has come under heavy scrutiny.  Given its own past; however, it is our dedication and $80,000 in allocated construction assets that has allowed the Denali to be extremely stable on the water.  To show how stable she is.  She was moved from Kappler marina.  Total time without bilge pumps running? 9 hours with systems completely turned off to allow conversations among tow crew.  Fully equipped with a 220v-10,000w capable back up generator on standby, capable of running all carpentry equipment on board.  Everyone’s concern was popping a plank or hull failure.

Princes’ Purple rain is playing at the moment.  Got distracted there… ok I am back!

Some joked when pictured next to Princess Irene in passing next door.  It was implied she would suffer a similar fate.  I’m sorry to debunk any such rumors and or myths ladies and gents.   She will be celebrating her centennial in her full glory.

Canelo Gallery, Inc. is currently raising capital to continue the estimated $2.5M dollar restoration.  This yacht has never seen high end finishes since she was built.  The Luder’s scroll carving on the bow will be gilded in 24k Gold from Kanasawa Japan. Using an Urushi inspired application process.   Sourcing the finest Teak and Mahogany to bring back the artisan of what high end carpentry done correctly should be.  If you feel I’m blowing smoke?   Feel free to look at the Buddha statue gilding on an earlier post here on this website.  I cannot wait to apply the 24k gold leaf myself!!

In regards to the derelict demolition.  Our corporate culture here at Canelo Gallery, Inc.   Is to do our part in ensuring our green commitment to our local communities and waterways.  To addresses important  issues is our responsibility for those who do not have a voice.

Having strong reservations I question the demolition here on row 9.  From an environmental pollution of hazardous materials into the water whole or trace deposits.  And, ultimately a strong lack of industrial hygiene.

There will be quite a bit of content added to this particular blog post so please check back periodically.  Admin is usually done 8pm- 2am daily.  please send an email with any questions you would like answered.  customerservice@canelogallery.com

Will post more to this blog as more information is made available.  -C.G.

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  1. Debra Duquette
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    I enjoyed meeting you and Doug last night. Your projects are intriguing and I wish you lots of luck 🙂 You are a man of many talents!

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