Finally Moved to Janzen Marina!!! Hayden Island, Oregon

Since we took ownership it has been confirmed that Al Capone was second owner of the Denali.  According to Luder’s Marine Company Stanfort CT.  Historian Bob Walstrom.  The then Amida was purchased from Ernst R. Behrend (1st owner, 1926) for Al Capone through a business associate. W. A. Beach of New York.  That would be William A. Beach 2nd owner.  Changing the name from Amida to Denali in 1927-28.  Friday September 29 was the day this yacht moved to her new location at Janzen Marina.  She had been inside the Kappler Marina boat house for a few years.  In the days prior to moving with the help of Jim, & Bob we hand floated her out of the well.  Pulled her along side of the boat house and she saw the outside world in almost 12 years for the first time.  Off to new horizons and hopefully a more extensive hands on restoration work.  To all who made this a success Thank You!!!

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