Gilding in 24k Gold on Quartz Stone

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Over the years I’ve had the  honor to create one of a kind dresses.  After a 6 year pause I was asked to gild a gown for a very special deity.  Her name is Quan Am.  Her dress border is gilded in 24k metal gold leaf from Kanasawa, Ishikawa Japan. 

SAKUDA GOLD & SILVERLEAF CO,.LTD provided me with the most pure Kinpaku. Very honored and proud to have been taught the art of Urushi Lacquer.  The gold leaf is applied over Japanese lacquer on quartz stone.


Meticulous planning over the course of 2 months went into ensuring the 24k gold has a bright vibrant glow in low sunlight.  My research took me to the Palace of Versailles, France.  Oregon, USA has more cloudy low sunlit days over bright sunny skies.

We want to thank Dave and Deb Bouskill for the photos at Versailles.  The overcast courtyard shot was the inspiration that fueled my research.  That gold shines; an exquisite glow, along the roof line of the palace.  Please visit them at

My challenge was to achieve this on natural stone during the winter months with very low relative humidity.  An absolute requirement for urushi.  Water gilding and size gilding are the, “traditional” industry standard.

In the end, all roads, led to Japan.   Their unrivaled urushi lacquer and lacquer hybrid products will ensure Quan Am’s dress will have a glow for centuries to come without cracking or pealing.

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