Presumed Asbestos Flooring Demolition. Unlawful Floating Home Demolition. Pier West Marina, Portland OR.

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Canelo Gallery, Inc. 2019, 2nd Qtr Press Release.

There is a close network of contractors operating in a manner that is extremely unconscionable.

Operating from Jantzen Bay Marina, Island Cove Marina, Tomahawk Island Marina, and Pier West Marina, Portland Oregon. To not interfere with an ongoing investigation. This post will reflect (Case Specific) assessment and fines after they come out and are public information.

On the wake of the assessments by DEQ to Columbia Crossings, LLC Row 9 March of 2019. (LINKS ABOVE) On or about late March. Through early April of 2019. Pier West Marina hosted a demolition of flooring. Unfortunately the house had been demolished. However, the log float and flooring still remained. Preempting a DEQ visit, like the one at Row 9 across the way.

The following pictures show a far too familiar scene like the log float demolition that took place at Jantzen Bay Marina, PDX late 2018. These floating homes require building permits. They require demolition packets with Bureau of Developmental Services (BDS) down town and are definitely not exempt from abatement legislation.

Contractors, management, marina owners are not exempt from CCB, BOLI, OSHA, DSL, DEQ and BDS. Non the less this is the culture at this present moment in time. Will not speculate on current investigations; however, there is a greater need for multi agency involvement.

Recently attended a meeting with few amazing folks from the Division of State lands, Multnomah County Sheriffs River Patrol, Columbia Watershed Environmental Advocates LLC, and members of various state agencies.

The topic was homeless shacks or “Flotillas” as Sheriff Joel coined the term. To help our state and local law makers understand as to the, “WHY”, a homeless individual on “survival mode” have a flotilla? It starts in part with the marinas and contractors pictured above.

I am not saying they are a direct provider of the platforms in the pictures. We are; however, curious to see where the logs of this particular demolition ended up at.

Un-permitted Construction, unlawful demolitions, unethical dumping or “cutting loose” of derelict log structures. Illegal dumping in the river. The list goes on. That is the bottom line.

The state agencies in essence are loosing revenue. Both at the front end for DSL lease tenants/ contractors not pulling permits at any capacity. AND; the back end, when the state is forced to clean an environmental/ bio hazard nightmare.

As more images come available we will publish what we hope will be the “Enough is enough” from Salem. As an advocate for the watershed. I strongly recommend a Division of State Lands Lease review to above mentioned marinas. Should it be found that they have violated in their duties. Taken that privileged of owning or leasing a piece of Oregon for granted?

Leases should be terminated or go under probation. Oregon Clean Marina designation(s) be revoked until the activities are terminated and or operations be paid up to reflect the actual use of the property.

If a marina is a residential spot? Pay to be a residential and do nothing else. Jantzen Bay, Pier West and Island Cove are mixed commercial INDUSTRIAL use locations. In the sense that they are producing new home builds and demolishing structures for profit. CBB probably is not fully aware of this?

If the above mentioned marinas are already paying the industrial fees great. How about actually pulling a permit!! Who knew!!

That’s the difference. You want to tear down and build homes? Great; pay the state, and operate ethically. Stop trashing the river, exposing your neighbors to ASBESTOS, poluting the river with LEAD PAINT!! –C.G.

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