UNCONSCIONABLE, An Expose on Unpermitted Construction. Introduction of raw/ trace sewage into the Columbia River by Columbia Crossings LLC Management.

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Complete and utter disregard for DEQ policy and the environment. After being fined on March 20th 2019 for a demolition over the river. https://www.oregon.gov/deq/nr/032119ColumbiaCrossings.pdf

This is video footage on June 29, 2019. 2 days after being in evictions court in Multnomah County. No building permits, no plumbing permits home was demolished and renovated without a demo packet in place. Simply unconscionable.

Canelo Gallery, Inc. is formally going on record that Loren Davis poses a threat to the environment, a continuous health hazard to the communities surrounding Jantzen Bay Marina, and have strong reservations to be allowed to continue as General Manager of Columbia Crossings, LLC.

As CEO I can only recommend to terminate and remove a huge liability to his company brand. Ultimately the City of Portland is being defrauded revenue. Actions speak louder than words. This minute and a few seconds of video speaks volumes of the character and lack there of. -CG

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