Web Site is UP!!!

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Hi everyone thank you for reading.  

The website is taking shape.  Still adjusting and figuring things out with image settings and over all look.  The top slider shows what I did while on active duty.  The next photo is meant to be able to make a service call or appointment, but to take you to a calendar.  It will display up to date availability as to where we are at or if we are not out in the field.

     Posted several pieces of equipment in our inventory.  This will give clients a visual of what tools we have to complete a particular project. I still have a few more to go.  The metal chop saw for cutting steel pipes, paint equipment, plumbing and welding equipment.  We appreciate your business.  We have dedicated a section for investment opportunities.  We are not publicly traded as of yet; however, we are engaged in fund raising activities.

     With every capital asset gained from your contributions allows us to offer new services to our public.  For more information send me an email or call.  We love networking and growing without going into debt.  [No debt is always a good thing]

Once we have authorization from our investors to post their names we will do so next to the equipment made possible.   


     All equipment pictured on our website is 100% paid for and a special THANK YOU!!  To all our clients who have opened doors and allowed us to experience growth this early in the process!  -CG    

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